Self Publish Every Book You Write and Sell Thousands of Copies Worldwide.

In the past few years, the publishing world has undergone its biggest change ever.

And that change is the unparalleled rise of the independent self published author.

If you've ever dreamed of working from home as a writer, then this is the most important message you'll ever read.

And it doesn't matter if you want to publish a print book or an ebook because you're about to uncover how to get started quickly, so you can begin publishing all your own books today.

Want to know how to self publish a book for free?

Want to know how to publish a book yourself?

Want to know how to publish an ebook?

I'm going to tell you how you can do it all.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

I'm Ruth Barringham, a writer and published author from Brisbane Australia. I've been working as an online writer and self publisher since 1995 and believe me, getting published was a lot harder back then than it is now because the internet was still in its infancy.

But now I earn my living - my whole income - working from home as a self published writer.

So I know what I'm talking about.

And you don't have to listen to just me.

You only have to look around the internet to find hundreds of stories of millionaire self published authors:

An ebook editor recently posted online "I also have a lady who bangs out some decent "how to" books in several genres and currently has 27 titles on SmashWords and Amazon. She just bought a 300 acre farm - cash - with six months worth of ebook income."

J A Konrath has sold over 500,000 ebooks and says "While I love bookstores, and the traditional publishing world, I've discovered that I can have greater control over my work, and make more money, by releasing my ebooks and print books on my own. This also means I can write more novels and stories per year."

Amanda Hocking is another well-known indie success story. She wrote a handful of novels, and in just over a year she was selling over 100,000 ebooks/month on Amazon, which equates to over $600,000 a year.

Self published author H Jackson Brown wrote and published "Life's Little Instruction Book" which hit the New York Time's best seller list and sold over 5 million copies.

And self published author John Locke wrote a book called "How I Sold 1 Million Ebooks In 5 Months" ( which I think speaks for itself without any further need of explanation.

And these authors aren't alone. There are plenty of other success stories such as

Aaron Patterson

HP Mallory, Lee Goldberg

Richard Jackson

Nathan Lowell

Deepak Chopra

John Grisham

Virginia Woolf

Christopher Paolini (Eragon)

Rudyard Kipling

Oscar Wilde

...with thousands of others joining them on an almost daily basis.

Of course I'm not saying that if you self publish all your books, you'll have the same mega success that they've had...but it's absolutely possible.

And all it takes to get started is to publish just one book, and from there you can do almost anything.

But I don't want to give you a load of hype like some sales articles do, and throw lots of useless adjectives at you like "money-sucking," "awesome," or "unbelievable." Self publishing is a serious subject and not one to be taken lightly because many self published authors are earning serious money from their book sales and are able to quit their jobs and write full time.

I also don't want you to think that self publishing is a get-rich-quick scheme because it's not. It takes time to write a good book (full of epic writing, as they say). It's easy to write a bad or mediocre book, but who wants to do that?

It isn't difficult, but you need to know where to start and how to do it and I’m going to try and help you do just that.

And once you've published a book and you have your publishing systems in place, you can do it over and over again faster and easier.

Marketing is also another extremely important part of self publishing a book, so you need to get it right. And you're going to discover that you can do it all freely and simply.

So get ready.

You're about to learn how to start publishing your books fast.

And if you follow all the steps to self publishing that I’m going to tell you about, then there’s no reason why you can’t self publish every book you write and sell thousands of copies worldwide every year.

Finding Your Market

Before you even begin to write a book, it’s important to know who your readers are.

Now you probably don’t think that’s important because you want to write a book based on your own idea, so why should you care who’s going to read it?

Well it’s important because without readers, there are no book sales. So you need to write for your targeted market.

As an example, if you’re writing romance novels, your market is mostly women. If you want to write a self-help book, then the specific problem you’re writing about will be aimed at a certain group of people who have that problem. For instance, if you’re writing about prostate problems, then your target market is men. If you’re writing Young Adult books (YA) then your market is older teenagers.

So you need to be specific about who you’re writing too and keep an image of them in mind as you write, and write as though you’re talking to just one person.

A Marketing Plan

Next you need to know how to reach your target audience. It’s no good writing a book for them if you don’t know how to let them know it’s there. So before you begin writing, find out where your readers hangout online, what magazines they read, the places they go, and devise a 10-point marketing plan of how you’re going to reach them.

It might be as simple as joining forums where they hang out, or Facebook groups, or starting a blog on your chosen subject or sending out a press release. But whatever it is you need to do, make sure you have a 10-point marketing plan and know how you’re going to work it.

Get Sales BEFORE You Finish Writing Your Book

You can also use a blog (and there are free blogs like Google’s Blogger service which I use myself for my own writing blog at for what is known as pre-marketing.

This means writing about your book as you write it. This works on the curiosity of potential readers. You talk about what your book is about without actually telling them what’s in it to get them curious enough to want to buy it before you’ve even finished writing it. You can even offer a discount for early buyers to help generate even more sales.

How To Write & Sell More Books

Next comes the writing and one way to make more sales is to write more than one book. Or more specifically, a whole series of books. And it doesn’t matter if you’re writing fiction or non-fiction, you can build it into a series.

Novels tend to have a series set around a specific main character/s or a particular setting. The Harry Potter series of books had both. It was about three main characters who attended a boarding school for wizards and witches, and each book was about what happened to them in each successive school year.

If you’re writing non-fiction, it can be a series of books on one particular subject, but broken into different topics. So for instance, if you’re writing about health, you could have one book about diet, one about illness, one about exercise, one about mental health, and so on.

Sometimes, to generate sales and get a following of readers for book series, some authors offer their first book for free and advertise the successive books in the back of the first one. Naturally this means that all your books need to be written first so that all the books in the series are available.

If you’re writing non-fiction, you could have a generic book that you give away that briefly covers all the topics in your series, and then your readers have to purchase all your more specific books to get more detailed information. Just make sure that your free book is written in a way that leaves them hungry to want to know more.

Write Quickly

Once you know your market, have a 10-point marketing plan to reach them and you know which books you want to write and in which order, then comes the hard part. The writing.

When I say writing its hard, it’s not that it is difficult to do. I love writing. Once I get into a writing project I forget reality for a while and sometimes I even miss meals. I just start outlining a book or writing it, and next thing I know, several hours have passed.

The only thing that’s hard about writing is the time it takes, particularly when it’s a book-length manuscript. But if you have a detailed outline to follow, then it shouldn’t be too difficult.

But if you want to earn all your money writing books, then there is definitely a need for speed because you won’t get rich writing a book every year or two. You need to write several every year to keep your writing and publishing machine humming.

There’s a saying that money loves speed, and it’s certainly true when it comes too writing.

The best thing to do is set up a writing and publishing schedule. Have a time set aside every day to write. Don’t leave it as something to do in your spare time. That’s called a hobby. If you want to make money writing books then you need to make book writing and publishing your business.

So once you know what time you’ll be writing every day, make sure you stick to it. Don’t let other things become more important. Your writing and publishing business needs to be your priority.

How To Quickly Self Publish Your Book For Free

Next it’s time to start publishing, or as it’s better known, shipping.

The fastest way to do this is through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

It’s free to do and once your account is set up you can publish your work as and ebook and POD print book. Amazon even supplies free cover creating software and templates and has free ebooks you can download that explain exactly how to format your manuscript.

You can choose what countries your books can be published in and the price. And once you’ve set it all up, the whole buying process is automated so you don’t need to do anything else expect work your 10-point marketing plan and write your next book.

The Need To Be Consistent

The thing to remember the most, is that to be successful, you need to be consistent. This means you need to keep writing and publishing all your books. Lots of books.

But it won’t be difficult because like anything else in life, the more you do it the easier and faster it becomes.

It was the the online guru Mike Littman who famously said, “In life and in business, you’re either consistent, or you’re non-existent.”

So choose consistency. Keep writing and keep publishing and don’t let anything get in your way.

Don’t Get It Right, Get It Written

This is one of my favourite sayings when it comes to writing. What it means just start writing. Get it going. You can't edit a blank page but you can edit bad writing so don't wait to get it right first time, just get it written.

Also, good enough is good enough. Don’t try and be a perfectionist. Once your book is good enough, ship it.

Too often I see would-be published authors who write a book but never ship it because they always think that it’s not good enough yet, and they say things like “I want to wait till it’s perfect.”

The problem with that is that there is no such thing as perfect because it’s a subjective term and everyone’s opinion is different, so what might seem perfect to one person, is inadequate to another.

And every writer finds fault in their own work. Even those who have writtewn best selling novels look at them years later and find things that they’d change if they could.

So to you, your work will never seem perfect, so there’s no use waiting till it is.

Strive to make it good enough and then publish it.

Look at it this way, who will make the most money? The writer who doesn’t publish their work until it’s perfect, or the writer who says “good enough is good enough” and publishes several books a year?

I think the answer is simple.

So Here’s What You Need To Do

If you want to earn all your money writing and self publishing books, then you need to follow all the steps outlined here. Naturally there’s more to it than this. But if you only do these basic things, you’ll be way ahead of others who are waiting for more knowledge and for their writing to be perfect.

So what you need to do is:

And don’t forget that writing and publishing books can all be done for free.

The only cost is your time.

So don’t waste it.

Get to work fast and be consistent.


About the author: Ruth Barringham is an online writer and self-publisher and earns all her income from her writing. She wrote and published one of her best-selling ebooks, Living the Laptop Lifestyle using The 10-Day Ebook Writing and Publishing Course that guarantees that you can write and publish an ebook in just 10 days or less and earn $1,000 a month from it.
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